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The SystemCycle™ - Under-Desk Cycle

"I recently had knee surgery and bought it to help with my Physical Therapy. I love it because it’s portable and I can use it with any comfortable chair. Perfect for hiding it away when not in use."

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There is no longer any secret about the many negative health impacts of sitting for extended periods of time. Getting adequate physical exercise while working at a desk, either at home or in the office, is a difficult challenge. Not getting enough physical activity will lead to issues with blood circulation and weight gain and leave workers feeling slow and lethargic.

Introducing the SystemCycle, under-desk stationary bicycle, the perfect tool for prioritizing health at the office. With the SystemCycle, workers are now capable of engaging in a stimulating and productive cardio workout all while remaining at the desk. Enhance both creativity and work output at the office by stimulating blood circulation through cardio aerobic exercise. 


Why this is the Perfect Tool for Workers Seeking to Stay Active

SAFE AND STABLE: The SystemCycle™ is designed with a wide base and heavy-duty frame for increased stability and support. The low profile allows for easy storage/hideaway, while the strong design ensures a stable cycling experience.

RESISTANCE CONTROL: Fully control the resistance with the tension control knob, and increase or decrease resistance. The user has full control over how easy or difficult they would like to work out and is able to simulate uphill, downhill, or flat cycling conditions.

FOR BOTH HANDS AND FEET: The SystemCycle was primarily designed as a cycling instrument, however, due to its design, many users report it is a fantastic upper-body workout. Work out multiple muscle groups with the SystemCycle, suitable for use with legs and arms! 

ZERO SETUP LIMITATIONS: There are almost no limitations to where the SystemCycle™ can be set up, anywhere with a chair is sufficient. With such an easy setup and take down getting a quick workout in has never been as easy, less time spent setting up means more time working out! 

We understand that finding the time to work out while working from home or at the office can be a challenge
After a long day at the office, getting to the gym to knock out a quick workout is, understandably, not the first thing on your list of things to do. In a recent study, looking into the most common barriers to engaging in physical activity “lack of time” came in as the #1 barrier and lack of energy the #3 barrier to engaging in physical activity.

The SystemCycle is designed to confront the #1 barrier to the majority of people working out by creating a workout instrument designed to be used while sitting at the desk. Thanks to its low-profile and easy storage capacity, all that is required to get a thorough cardio aerobic workout is for the user to place their feet into the pedals and get moving! With the SystemCycle, implementing exercise into one’s daily routine has never been so easy, prioritize your health at no expense to your daily routine!


Dimensions: 18.25 x 15.2 x 11.25 inches
Weight: 5.2 Pounds
Material: Metal and Rubber
Control Type: Knob


Package Includes: 1 X SystemCycle


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