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The Sublime Sculptor™ - 3-in-1 Body Massager

“So, I’ve tried other cavitation machines and this is by far the best one yet. Haven’t been using it for long and already see a difference. I use it with coconut oil instead of the recommended gel. Much cheaper than going to get body wraps and other methods. Try it for yourself!!”


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It would be easy to view skin health and beauty as things reserved only for the extremely wealthy capable of expensive treatments and regular spa visits. If it weren’t for time and money constraints, every day might incorporate some elements of the spa to help alleviate things like muscle soreness, wrinkles, loose skin, and excess fat. However, without affordable options, those seeking to address these issues are left feeling despondent and excluded from health outcomes that may otherwise be available to them.

Introducing the Sublime Sculptor, the 3-in-1 body sculptor, massager, and fat burner. The Sublime Sculptor offers 3 different body sculpting functionalities in the forms of ultrasonic vibration, infrared heat therapy, and electromagnetic massage (EMS). Enjoy beautiful and restorative spa treatments all from the comfort of the home, and experiment with the different modes to find the custom spa treatment best suited to individual needs!

Why the Sublime Sculptor™ is the Perfect At-Home Spa Treatment

3 MODES - The Sublime Sculptor comes with three different modes ultrasonic, EMS, and infrared heat. Each mode works to affect different levels of the dermis, meaning this one tool is capable of rejuvenating skin in three different ways.

HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE - Vary EMS massage intensity as well as ultrasonic massage intensity. The adjustable nature of this tool allows it to be customized to the needs and feelings of each particular user.

TRAVEL READY - The Sublime Sculptor is highly compact and portable making it very easy to travel with. Basically, a mini-spa that can fit in a pocket, relaxing massage and heat treatments are only an arm's reach away.

BURNS FAT & TIGHTENS SKIN - The ultrasonic massage mode promotes metabolism to burn fat while the infrared heat function improves circulation and skin resistance. So many health and skin benefits within one tool allow for treatments of multiple ailments at one time.

We understand that your health is your greatest gift, however, circumstances often create situations where you are forced to prioritize different things. It’s quite possible you have envisioned taking a spa day for yourself at some point in the last year, although your busy life has caused you to view that vision as far more of a fantastical fantasy rather than a real possibility. In a recent study, “lack of time” came in as the #1 barrier to stopping people from prioritizing their health the way they would like to.

The Sublime Sculptor was designed to tackle the #1 barrier people have in prioritizing their health, being “lack of time”. Now, with the Sublime Sculptor one has everything needed to give oneself a gorgeous and intimate spa day all from the comfort of the home, in a short 10-minute session one can undergo 3 different spa therapies at customizable intensities with zero time, size, or money constraints. Forget going to the spa, become the spa, and your body and mind will thank you.


Size: 6.85"L x 3.32"W x 2.2"H
Weight: 13.4 Ounces


Package Includes1 X Simply Sublime Sculptor
1x Power adapter
1x Wire
2x Pad
1x User manual


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