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The CuriosityCube™ - Developmental/Sensory Toy

“My husband told me it would be a waste to buy this for our 17 month old son to play with on the plane and on vacation … our son is typically uninterested in colorful singing toys and prefer our things to play with. I bought it anyway and he focuses on it for long periods of time and it’s his favorite toy. It kept him busy on his first flight and continues to be his fav at home. Inserting the key is his main focus so I but a more durable key ring on it and let him enjoy it all day.”


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A toddler’s curiosity has no bounds and what they are interested in one minute is likely completely different the very next. Keeping toddlers engaged and stimulated is a constant challenge and finding high-quality, educational, and durable toys with minimal pieces or attachments seems like a perpetual chore. Without highly engaging toys to occupy toddlers’ minds, toddlers become bored and demanding.

Introducing the CuriosityCube, the 7-in-1 educational toy for toddlers, designed to develop fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, and problem-solving. The CuriosityCube works by providing 7 different interactive stimuli for children to engage with, much of the stimuli is designed to replicate real-world stimuli such as the water tap and the lock and key. Children can be entertained for long periods of time thanks to the abundance of stimuli, providing invaluable moments of peace! 


Why the CuriosityCube™ is the Best Developmental Toy on the Market

 ✅ 7-IN-1 - The CuriosityCube consists of 7 different stimuli, fingertip gyroscope, anti-theft safety lock and key, spring bolt, switch, universal wheel, water tap and rotating screw cap. So many stimuli allow toddlers to spend more time with the cube developing, learning, and engaging. 

PERFECT FOR TRAVEL - The CuriosityCube was designed with travel in mind, 6.1 x 4.5 x 5.5 inches in size and approximately 1 pound, designed to be easily portable and highly durable. The portability of the cube makes it perfect for travelling and visiting new places.

DEVELOPS SKILLS - Stimuli such as the faucet, lock and key, as well as button and lock systems are easily applicable to real-world environments. Consisting of real-world stimuli, the seven stimuli of the cube allow children to develop a range of skills and coordination that are easily applicable to real-world environments. 

RELIEVES ANXIETY - The cube is designed for all children and the fidget components make it a great choice for autistic children or children with ADD/ADHD. The interactivity and stimuli provided by all of the components of the CuriosityCube help relieve anxiety and stress in hyperactive or over-active minds.

✅ HIGHLY DURABLE - The high-quality wood and design of the cube make it resistant to drops and falls. The CuriosityCube™ will remain intact and resilient to the destructive inclinations of toddlers. 

We understand that keeping children engaged and stimulated is a ceaseless process oftentimes requiring multiple tools within your parental toolbelt. The CuriosityCube is purpose-built to keep toddlers engaged for long periods of time by providing various different stimuli that will continue to engage toddlers’ curiosity. In a recent study, it was found that 90% of preschool children’s play involved a toy, which makes finding a toy that can stimulate children in multiple different ways a godsend to parents. 

The CuriosityCube is precisely that, purposefully designed, this cube is a critical tool in the toolbelt of any parent. With multiple stimuli to keep children engaged, this highly compact and portable tool will remain a mainstay at home or in the travel bag of any parent seeking to keep children amused at home or in new places. With the CuriosityCube, children will remain engaged for long periods of time, while developing vital problem-solving, eye-hand coordination, and fine motor skills!


Size: 6.1 x 4.5 x 5.5 inches
Weight: 1.14 pounds


Package Includes: 1 X CuriosityCube


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