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MyBabyLove™ - Hip-Seat Baby Carrier

"I love this thing so much. My 3 month old hates her carriers but always wants to be held. This takes the strain off your arms and she seems to love it. I actually might prefer it to my boppy for daytime nursing sessions. I didn't think it would be good for nursing support, too, but it's great. It takes two hands to put on, but it's incredibly fast and easy."  
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ -Sarah F  
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Babies are active, one minute they need to be held, and the next minute they demand to be exploring. The limits of the human body create a barrier to meeting the ever-changing demands of babies. Aching neck and shoulder muscles create an obstacle to constantly holding babies. Constant up-and-downs or prolonged holding of babies can leave one feeling drained and fatigued. 

Introducing the MyBabyLove™ Hip-Seat Baby Carrier, this carrier is designed with optimal comfort for the baby and wearer in mind. The MyBabyLove™ was created for the purpose of giving babies the utmost freedom by providing the wearer with the support they need to accommodate babies in whatever mood they are in. With the support of this carrier the wearer is free to pick a child up and down as per the child's request.





✅ VERSATILE DESIGN - Multiple Carrying Options: Facing out/ Facing in/Horizontal positions/Side carrying/Incline position. 5 different ways to wear the MyBabyLove™ for babies without restricting their freedom of movement from newborn to toddlers.

✅ RELIEVES BACK AND SHOULDER STRAIN - Flexible five carry positions and padded Abdominal Pad Designs. One can wear this carrier while at home or on the go for an extended period of time with zero muscle soreness.



✅ FITS ANYONE - 25-51 inches waist fits for most sizes, fits babies 8-66 pounds. The MyBabyLove™ is the perfect carrier for babies all the way through to toddlers.
✅ PLENTY OF STORAGE - The MyBabyLove™ is so well made that it has two-way zippers for every pocket for ultimate convenience at any time. Easily access and carry any and all baby must-haves.

We understand, your baby has a mind of their own, they want up one minute and down the very next. There you are in the grocery store, baby is rolling along in the cart and all of a sudden they need up in Mommy’s arms and they aren’t taking no for an answer! A 2017 study, conducted by University of Notre Dame found that children who were picked up every time they cried were found to be more empathetic, more productive, and less depressed.

Thankfully, the MyBabyLove™ is the perfect product for mothers who want to provide every support to their child while also providing themselves the support their neck and shoulder muscles desperately need. The carrier accomplishes this through its functional, ergonomic design which keeps the comfort of both baby and mother top of mind. Give yourself and your baby the utmost support by purchasing the only carrier you will ever need! 


Dimensions: 10.08 x 9.92 x 5.28 inches
Net Weight: 1.52 pounds
Material: Memory Foam
Care instructions: Hand Wash Only


Package Includes: 1 x Hip-Seat Baby Carrier 

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