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MommyMeter™ - Infrared Thermometer

"An excellent thermometer. Shows accurately, measures the temperature quickly. At an elevated temperature, makes a longer signal." 

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Aaron D.   
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In the whirlwind of motherhood, ensuring the well-being of children remains a top priority for nurturing and caring mothers. However, accurately assessing a fever or cold without the correct tool, can pose a challenge. The uncertainty and stress of not having convenient and reliable tools for assessing the well-being of children can cause feelings of anxiety and concern, particularly during bouts of illness.

Introducing MommyMeter™ Infrared Thermometer, offering precise health monitoring for mothers. This thermometer has an easy-to-read LED screen, and is capable of displaying accurate temperature readings without skin contact, perfect for restless children. The accuracy and ease of use provided by the MommyMeter™ will provide reassurance in times of possible fever and allow confident and prompt response to fever and illness.


The MommyMeter has a high-temperature alarm that buzzes when the temperature exceeds 37.5℃. The alarm alerts immediately when a fever is present and supplemental treatment is required.

 Lightweight and compact, the MommyMeter is easy to transport and travel with. The design of the MommyMeter ensures easy accessibility and temperature monitoring on the go


ENHANCED ACCURACY - The upgraded probe provides more precise accuracy of measurements. The precision of measurements offered by the MommyMeter provides peace of mind and security. 

The MommyMeter utilizes an intelligent infrared sensor that calculates human body temperature by detecting infrared signals. Get an accurate and clear reading every time in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. 



We understand the challenges mothers face when it comes to monitoring their children's health, especially during times of illness or health concerns. Picture a scenario where your child is unwell, and you're unsure about their temperature, a common issue that many mothers encounter. Studies show that a mother's touch is accurate up to 69% for determining a fever, however, anything short of 99.99% isn’t good enough.

That's why our MommyMeter™ Infrared Thermometer is the perfect product for mothers seeking reliable and accurate temperature measurements for their children. This innovative thermometer swiftly measures temperature through the forehead, ensuring a contactless and hassle-free experience for both mothers and restless children. With the MommyMeter™ Infrared Thermometer, quick and accurate temperature readings provide mothers peace of mind.


15 x 4.8 x 4.5 cm
120 grams


Package Includes:
1 x MommyMeter Infrared Thermometer 


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