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The CocktailChar™ - Cocktail Smoker Kit

“This cocktail smoker is great! The torch is really nice, doesn't feel cheap. I got this for my fiance as a birthday gift since he enjoys whiskey. He was impressed with the fact that it comes with 4 different types of wood to try. He hasn't used it yet but it seems pretty simple and straightforward, and the quality seems great. Overall I think this is giftable and pretty easy to use. Would recommend.”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Vanessa H  
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Whiskey/Bourbon enthusiasts, college students, and home mixologists enjoy creating new concoctions and fusions all of the time. Creating craft cocktails with all of the flair and inventiveness of world-class mixologists can be a tall order and attaining the sensory appeal of a smoked cocktail is completely unachievable without smoke itself. Without excellent drink offerings, a party can be said to be missing something, and a party without incredible drinks can leave party attendants and hosts/hostesses alike feeling underwhelmed and ineffectual

Introducing the CocktailChar™, the all-in-one cocktail smoker kit comes with everything necessary to create an elegant, flavourful, and fun cocktail-tasting experience and is a must-have for any college student, connoisseur, or party host/hostess. Select the desired wood chips and spirits, place the chips into the filter, light the chips, and smoke the cocktail to the desired smokiness. Party planning just became a lot easier, with the CocktailChar™, creating world-class cocktails is all but a certainty, elevate the evening by elevating the cocktails and create memories with friends and family that are bound to last a lifetime.

Perfect Kit for Students, Connoisseurs, and Party Hosts


SENSORY EXPERIENCE: The element of smoke allows users to experience cocktail creations through multiple different senses. Adding this unique element to cocktail creations is bound to enchant guests and give cocktails an entirely new depth and dimension

NATURAL FLAVOURS: Comes with four different natural wood chip varieties: apple, cherry, oak, and pecan. Experiment with an assortment of wood chip and spirit combinations in order to concoct the perfect custom craft cocktail, individualized masterfully to suit any palette.

COMES WITH EVERYTHING: The CocktailChar™ kit includes: a butane torch (butane not included), a cleaning brush, two filters, and the four wood chip varieties. Everything one needs to host an intimate and alluring cocktail reception. 

FOR ALL EXPERIENCE LEVELS: Whether a sorority/fraternity looking to bring an extra element of fun to the weekend gathering or an experienced whiskey connoisseur looking to elevate a classic drink. Using the provided recipe book, all persons are able to select and prepare a delicious signature cocktail creation.


We understand that creating a memorable dinner party, social event, or holiday get-together can be a challenge that requires careful planning. After a week spent organizing your menu and decor, it’s understandable that your drink offerings may not have received the same priority as other items on your itinerary. In a recent study, it was found that the average American hosts 7.23 parties per year, now, eliminate the drink menu entirely from your list of concerns, with the CocktailChar™, delicious craft cocktails are a certainty. 

The CocktailChar™ is the perfect kit for the college student, connoisseur, or host/hostess looking to bring that extra element of fun and creativity to their night with friends. With all that is included: the butane torch, two filters, a cleaning brush, four varieties of woods, and the recipe book, one has everything required to take their cocktail offerings to a whole other level. Enchant guests and make special get-togethers even more special by offering a unique and flavourful tasting experience that will not be forgotten quickly.


Dimensions: 10 x 8.23 x 2.83 inches
Weight: 1.3 pounds
Materials: Wood and Metal

Package Includes: 1 X One Butane Torch (no butane)
1 X Filters
1 X Cleaning Brush
4 X Wood Chips (Pecan, Oak, Apple, Cherry) 

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