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The Whirl-A-Vision™ - 3D Hologram Display Fan

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3D holograms are eye-catching, cutting-edge technology that only recently became available to the general public. Finding art pieces and displays capable of drawing eyes, generating conversation, and evoking emotion can be a challenge. Any public-facing environment seeking to feature a great display or art piece will feel excluded and disadvantaged by not having access to the latest 3D holographic technology. 

Introducing the Whirl-A-Vision, 3D holographic fan display, that generates 3D holographic images that are perfect for any setting or environment. The Whirl-A-Vision functions by spinning 244 light beads at high speeds to generate incredible 3D images and can be programmed to show a multitude of different images. Enjoy this piece of first-generation holographic technology and be the talk of friends, guests, and customers!

Why The Whirl-A-Vision is the Most Futuristic Eye-Catching Display

EYE-CATCHING - The Whirl-A-Vision produces 3D holograms by virtue of the spinning of 244 light beads. This 3D fan is bound to be the focal point of any room and a conversation starter in any situation or environment.

CUSTOM DISPLAYS - Using wifi connectivity, access a full range of custom displays to project images for any decor, room, or business. The Whirl-A-Vision can be set up to display selected images for whatever occasion or atmosphere.

GREAT FOR SMALL BUSINESSES - The fan is compact and easy to maneuver, choose an area where the fan is highly visible but out of reach to customers. The Whirl-A-Vision is great for any business with a public-facing display or with a waiting room.

EASY SETUP - The Whirl-A-Vision is simple to set up and use thanks to the included instruction manual. Simply follow the instructions to be displaying 3D images immediately following unboxing.

We understand that generating conversation, grabbing attention, and evoking emotion is the goal of any great display. When walking through the mall it would take a unique display to break someone’s stride and garner a second look into any sort of window display, however, a 3D hologram does exactly that, it draws attention like a blackhole pulls gravity. In a recent study, it was found that the 3D holographic technology industry is expected to grow 10X in only the next five years!

The Whirl-A-Vision is the perfect choice for business owners, early adopters, and futuristic art lovers. This 3D holographic display produces 3D holograms by virtue of the fast-spinning of 244 light beads and can be customized to display a multitude of 3D images, generating emotional responses from sheer amazement to shock. Enjoy the conversation-generating, eye-catching, futuristic technology of the Whirl-A-Vision and be certain that this display will be the talk of any office, small business, or home setting!


Product information:
Size: 40cm x 20 cm x 8 cm
Software support system: card/mobile app/computer
Resolution: 640*640
Output voltage: 12V2A


Package Includes:
1 X Whirl-A-Vision 3D hologram fan
1 X Remote Control
1 X Wall Adapter
1 X Instruction Manual 


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