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Super Scrubber™ - Electric Brush/Scrubber

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“I used it to scrub my shower after it arrived and it worked really well. I like the extension handle too. I should be able to reach up and clean my ceiling fans now too which are 12 feet high! Very fast shipping also.”

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Cleaning the bathroom isn't an enjoyable chore, however, it is a chore that cannot be neglected. Among the most time-consuming tasks in bathroom cleaning, is cleaning tile and grout as well as the sink and toilet bowl. The “elbow grease” required to achieve a beautiful deep clean can cause one to feel exhausted and annoyed with the effort required when using conventional manual cleaning instruments. 

Introducing the Super ScrubberUSB-rechargeable, electric bathroom and tile scrubber. The Super Scrubber™’s two-speed, electric-powered, rotating cleaning action provides scrubbing power without the need for manual scrubbing or forceful pressure. With the Super Scrubber, achieve a deep clean of the tile as well as other household surfaces effortlessly!

Reasons Why The Super Scrubber is a Bathroom Essential


TWO SPEEDS - The Super Scrubber can operate at 280 rpm or 380 rpm cleaning speeds. Achieve a deep clean of surfaces by allowing the Super Scrubber™ to perform the tough work!

RECHARGEABLE - The Super Scrubber requires no batteries and can be quickly recharged, achieving full charge after only 3 hours. This tool comes with everything necessary to achieve fantastic cleaning results.

MULTIPLE ATTACHMENTS - The Super Scrubber comes with multiple cleaning attachments, including tapering fibre cloth plate, fibre plate, large flat brush, velcro fixed plate,  and wool disc. There is a cleaning attachment for every cleaning application, for every nook and cranny.

EXTENDED REACH - The Super Scrubber comes with the included telescopic rod for extended reach. Get to hard-to-reach areas as well as save the back, neck, and knees when cleaning the floor or lower areas.

VARIETY OF SURFACES - Not just for bathroom cleaning, there is an attachment for every surface. Clean hardwood and other surfaces, use the telescopic rod to help clean out-of-reach areas like ceiling fans or windows. 

We understand that keeping the house clean is a perpetual chore and the manual labour required to achieve a deep clean can be exhausting. Getting in between tiles to clean grout at times requires firm pressure and is quite time-consuming using traditional methods. 70% of Americans say they clean their bathrooms at least once a month, falling short of the once-per-week bathroom cleaning that is recommended.

The Super Scrubber is exactly the tool necessary to facilitate an easier, less laborious, bathroom cleaning regimen. The Super Scrubber achieves this by automating the most intensive aspect of the cleaning process and saving the muscles by performing the cleaning actions automatically. Relax and allow the Super Scrubber to do the hard work!  


Size: 45.47 x 3.77 x 3.77 inches
Weight: 3.63 pounds 


Package Includes:
1 X Sponge plate
1 X Tapering fibre cloth plate
1 X Fibre plate
1 X Large flat brush
1 X Velcro fixed plate
1 X Wool disc
1 X Sharp brush head 
1 X Small flat brush
1 X Type-C charging line
1 X Telescopic rod

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