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The Move For Me™ - Portable Car Multimedia Player

"Once you have tested the screen in the car and attached to it, I have to say that I love it, that it works very well and that whoever has any doubts about buying it, go ahead, looks spectacular. Without a doubt, I recommend it 100%. I hope it lasts over time, really, because I have been completely surprised by its good quality and everything it gives for this price."

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In the realm of modern driving experiences, entertainment on the road has become a cornerstone of every journey. Yet, for any car sold before 2018, the struggle to seamlessly integrate high-quality audio and video systems within vehicles persists. Dated car entertainment setups often result in limited functionalities, poor audio quality, and restricted multimedia access, resulting in a disenchanting and frustrating driving experience.

Introducing the Move For Me portable car MP5 player, the innovative solution designed to transform any car into an entertainment hub. This state-of-the-art device seamlessly blends audio and multimedia functionality, providing an immersive experience that redefines time spent behind the wheel. Experience crystal-clear sound and a variety of audio options available through the touch-screen display.


Why The Move For Me Is The Perfect Display For Any Car

UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY - The Move For Me MP5 player is compatible with both Apple and Android devices. As a result, it is easy to use and access, regardless of mobile platform. 

SIMPLE CONNECTIVITY - With multiple connectivity options, this device can be linked up using Carplay, Android Auto, Bluetooth, or Wi-fi. The multiple connectivity options allow for seamless connection using any preferred method.


HIGH-QUALITY DISPLAY - This compact unit boasts 10.26 inches of crystal-clear visual image display. Easily navigate all multimedia options with the high-quality display produced by the Move For Me.

WIRED OR UNWIRED - The Move For Me provides the option of connecting via an aux cord or even uploading via an SD Card/USB Drive. Upload music and media directly to the Move For Me for easy access



We understand the frustration of outdated car entertainment systems and believe that even older model cars should enjoy a modern driving experience. Picture this: stuck in traffic, longing for entertainment that matches your standards, only to be disappointed by crackling sound, pixelated screens, or even no screen! Studies reveal that last year only 19% of cars possessed an in-dash entertainment system, however, in 2023 70% of vehicles are manufactured with such a system as a stock feature, the Move For Me™ bridges this gap and modernizes any vehicle. 

The Move For Me Portable CarMP5 Player is the perfect companion for every pre-2018 car owner, driving enthusiast, on-the-go parent, or music fan. It has a user-friendly interface that seamlessly integrates into any car and offers a wide range of multimedia options, as well as a variety of connectivity choices, both wired and unwired. By effortlessly connecting to the car's existing audio system, it brings forth an unparalleled experience, ensuring a stress-free, modern, and enjoyable journey every time on the road.


10.26 Inches Display 
Net Weight: 900 Grams

 Package Includes: 1 x Move For Me™ MP5 Player 
1 x Aux Cord
1 x Car Adapter
1 x Dash Mount

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