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The Hoverdisc™ - Floating Ball/Disc

“I purchased this for my six-year-old grandson who absolutely loved it. Then the whole family joined in and we had a blast!!!!! Highly recommend this for anyone who enjoys having fun!!!!”

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Active indoor play is becoming a lost art as more and more children are being pushed towards online games and are being offered fewer physically engaging options. This creates an obvious problem, as inactivity in children has been proven to lead to countless negative mental and physical health outcomes. With children being pushed towards more sedentary home entertainment options, inactive children are left feeling restless and left to deal with a host of negative health outcomes, including obesity and hypertension.

Introducing the Hoverdisc, a fully rechargeable floating disc/ball, with led lights. The Hoverdisc is the perfect indoor entertainment option, this device is vastly superior to conventional balls or discs as it is restricted to ground level, with no more balls flying off the walls or damaging drywall. With the Hoverdisc, kids are empowered to create and play all sorts of games and activities indoors, all while benefitting from the numerous mental and physical health advantages that result from active play. 

Why the Hoverdisc™ is the Perfect Indoor Entertainment Choice for Physical/Active Play

FIRST-RATE FOAM BUMPER - The high-quality foam of this bumper is made to protect both feet and indoor furniture and baseboards. The indoor play area will remain unscathed and clean as the quality of the foam bumper will lead to no damage to the baseboards or the play area.

SAFE INDOOR PLAY - Restricted to hovering/floating just above the ground surface, the Hoverdisc is preferable to conventional balls as it is incapable of rising beyond its regular hover level. Play all day long with the Hoverdisc™ with no concern of the disc rising to damage drywall or wallhangings.


LED LIGHT SHOW - Rechargeable and with LED lights this device is fun, lights on or off! Use the Hoverdisc with the lights on and create a floating light show that can bounce and float all over.

PLAY MANY GAMES - So many game options to choose from, play soccer, hockey, ultimate floor frisbee, or even bowling! The Hoverdisc allows for total creativity and game selectivity, use whatever is available to create custom games.

We understand that keeping your children active, even indoors, is important to you and your children’s health. On rainy days, your children may feel compelled to stay glued to a screen, with limited interactive and mobile indoor entertainment options available. A recent study found that children’s physical activity from play has decreased to less than 30 minutes per day, less than half of the recommended 60 minutes!

The Hoverdisc is the perfect choice for parents seeking to get their children up and moving while they are at home. The Hoverdisc™ works by providing a fun, floating, led platform to be kicked and passed without the risk of rising and damaging baseboards, walls, or paintings. Get this device today and enjoy endless indoor fun and excitement with countless games and variations to be explored!


Size: 6.85 x 6.81 x 2.83 inches
Weight: 10.2 ounces


Package Includes: 1 X Hoverdisc
1 X Charging Cable


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