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The Cattock™ - Window-Mounted Cat Hammock


 “Perfect! Very light. The canvas is basic but solid and easy to clean. It is easy to disassemble the hammock by leaving the suction cups to be able to open the window if necessary. My cat loves it.”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  -  Amber H  
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Cats and kittens love to snooze and among their favourite places to lounge is in the sun. Getting access to sunlight is critical to cats' overall health, without it cats can become depressed, too cold while sleeping, and even deficient in vitamin D. By not having access to sunlight, cats can become unhappy or irritable which feels heartbreaking knowing cats are not thriving and enjoying their environment as much as they could be.

Introducing the Cattock, window-mounted cat hammock, designed to provide cats with a comfortable view of the outdoors. The Cattock is designed to support up to 30 pounds, and is mounted to the window using high-performance suction cups, making it perfect for homes without window sills. The Cattock™ is the perfect solution for giving cats access to sunlight, a view of the outdoors, and a nice high lounging area they are bound to love

Why the Cattock is a Cat's Favourite Place to Be

STURDY DESIGN - The Cattock is built to last and designed to support up to 30 pounds of weight. Cats will enjoy a comfortable and sturdy perch while being able to view the outside world.

✅ GREAT FOR HEALTH - Sunlight is critical to a cat's happiness and well-being and the Cattock™ is the best platform for providing easy access to this important resource. Sunlight helps cats regulate body temperature while sleeping, provides vitamin D, and even reduces depression in cats.


PROVIDES UNIQUE VIEWS - The Cattock provides views to cats that would not otherwise be available. The outdoor world can be like television for cats with many exciting outdoor stimuli like birds, squirrels, and even passing dogs!

EASY TO WASH - The fabric of the Cattock is easily removable, which makes it a breeze to clean. Easily clean the Cattock either as it stands or remove the fabric to achieve a deeper clean when necessary.

✅ EASILY INSTALLED - The Cattock™ is easily installed using high-performance, durable, suction cups. Installation can be done in minutes and cats will be enjoying their new hammock immediately!


We understand that providing cats with a stimulating and enjoyable environment with sunlight access is a top priority for cat owners. Many areas of the home are not ideal or are inaccessible to cats who might truly enjoy access to those spaces, unique views, and health benefits provided by sunlight. In a recent survey, it was found that cats spend two hours per day on average by the window, with many cats enjoying up to 5 hours of window time per day!

The Cattock is the perfect platform to allow cats and kittens access to one of their most frequented and favourite places in the home. The Cattock achieves this by providing an easily installed, highly durable, hammock setting for cats up to 30 pounds in weight to enjoy sunlight access and views that would otherwise be inaccessible to them. The Cattock gives cats access to one of their favourite places in the home, install this perch and take joy in the comfort and fun provided to your furry friend! 


Size: Length 55CM, width 35CM, thickness 2.5CM, rope length 56CM
Weight: 2.4 Pounds


Package Includes:
Cattock X 1


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