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The ArcticHeat™ - Heated Gloves

 "The design is very user-friendly, with flexible and comfortable fingers. Wearing it does not affect the operation at all, and the fabric is soft and comfortable, which is very good :)"

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Martha M. 
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In the realm of cold-weather exploration and outdoor adventures, the struggle to maintain warmth while engaging in activities remains a concern, especially when dealing with poor blood circulation. The biting chill of winter can swiftly penetrate even the most insulated gear, leaving hands susceptible to freezing temperatures and discomfort. The discomfort of cold hands reduces enjoyment of outdoor activities and can lead to feelings of frustration and irritation.

Introducing ArcticHeat™ Heated Winter Gloves, designed with innovative heating technology and touchscreen functionality. These gloves work by virtue of the expertly positioned heating elements within the gloves that provide warmth to the entire hand and promote increased blood circulation. With the ArcticHeat™ experience improved warmth and unparalleled comfort, allowing for an enhanced and more enjoyable outdoor experience.



UNPARALLED WARMTH - The heating elements in the ArcticHeat are expertly positioned to provide optimal warmth to the entire hand. Turn the heating element on or off as required and always maintain perfect hand temperature. 

WATERPROOF - The ArcticHeat™ is designed to be perfectly waterproof while delivering warmth and comfort to the hands. Enjoy playing in snow and slush while hands remain nice and warm.



MACHINE WASHABLE - These gloves require no special cleaning just wash and dry.  Simply place the ArcticHeat™ gloves inside a laundry bag and ensure the waterproof zipper is closed.  

TOUCH SCREEN COMPATIBLE - These gloves were designed with touch screen functionality in mind. Enjoy full use of the phone while never having to remove the ArcticHeat™ gloves. 



We understand the frustration of enduring freezing temperatures while engaging in outdoor activities during winter. Picture yourself skiing down snow-covered slopes or taking a leisurely walk in frosty weather, only to feel your hands gradually succumbing to the biting cold. Studies reveal that 8 out of 10 individuals face discomfort due to freezing hands in cold climates, hindering their ability to enjoy outdoor pursuits fully.

ArcticHeat™ Heated Gloves are the perfect solution for combating the discomfort of cold hands during winter activities. These gloves incorporate advanced heating technology that provides consistent warmth, ensuring hands stay cozy even in freezing temperatures. Embrace the freedom to engage in outdoor adventures, while your hands remain cozy and warm, experiencing enhanced comfort and prolonged enjoyment.


Material: Nylon
Colour: Black
Heater: Imported composite silk, full five fingers + full back of the hand heating

Package Includes
ArcticHeat™ x 1(Pair)
Battery x 2
Charging Cable x 1

Size Information:
Total length: 33cm
Palm width:13cm
Hand circumference:28cm
Middle finger length:10cm

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