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Jump2Start™ - 4-In-1 Roadside Assistance Device

Absolutely amazing product and recommend to anyone wanting something that can do air pump/light/usb/jump starter, would recommend to anyone highly!” 

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When on an adventure, car reliability is paramount to arriving to the destination in comfort and convenience. However, unexpected car battery failures or deflated tires can quickly disrupt the smoothest of journeys and turn what was once a fun adventure into a travel nightmare. These unforeseen issues can cause feelings of helplessness and stress, especially when assistance isn't readily available.

Introducing Jump2Start™ the 4-in-1 Car Battery Jump Starter, Powerbank, Tire Inflator, and Flashlight - a compact powerhouse designed for swift roadside assistance. This versatile device jump-starts a car's battery, inflates tires, and can even charge mobile devices. Keep this tool in the trunk for confidence in handling unexpected car issues, ensuring smoother, stress-free drives, and generally ensuring peace of mind on long journeys.


Why Jump2Start is the Ultimate Roadside Assistance Tool

✅ 4-IN-1 FUNCTIONALITY - Jump2Start is much more than just a jump starter, it is also - a high-power flashlight, powerbank for mobile charging, tire-inflator, and jump starter. This device is the ultimate roadside assistance tool and can assist in a multitude of ways depending on the situation.

✅ PORTABLE JUMP STARTER - The 8400 mAh battery within Jump2Start provides ample power to jump-start even the most depleted batteries. The unit works quickly and efficiently on all cars and SUV’s with 12V batteries.

✅ AUTO-SHUTOFF - This device can quickly and safely fill tires to the desired pressure level with no concern for overfilling thanks to the Auto-shutoff feature. This feature makes using Jump2Start™ a fool-proof endeavour. 

✅ LCD SCREEN - Jump2Start provides an easy-to-read LCD display that can be adapted and customized to preferences. Easily inflate tires using any of the 4 included units of measurement and receive real-time battery status information on the screen.


We understand the frustration and discomfort of being stranded with a dead car battery or a flat tire in the middle of a journey. Imagine returning to your vehicle and discovering a deflated tire with no spare and insufficient air to drive home, the usual course of action would involve waiting for a tow truck or the assistance of a reliable companion to resolve the issue. Statistics show that over 30% of drivers experience sudden car breakdowns annually, causing significant delays and inconvenience.

Jump2Start is the perfect product for drivers seeking a reliable, all-in-one solution for unexpected car issues. Jump-start car batteries and swiftly inflate tires, all while also providing a power bank to charge phones in an emergency situation. Experience the freedom and confidence to conquer any roadside emergency, transforming stressful breakdowns into mere inconveniences with this indispensable 4-in-1 roadside assistance tool.



Weight: 1000g
Voltage: 12V
Peak Current: 1000 A
Battery Size: 8600 mAh


1 X Jump2Start™ Unit
1 X Heavy Duty Smart Clamp
1 X Air Tube
1 X USB Charging Cable
1 X Rubber Dingy Valve Adapter
1 X Schrader-Presta Valve Adapter
1 X Swim Ring Valve Adapter
1 X Needle Valve Adapter
1 X EVA Bag


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