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Hydrofan™ - 2-in-1 Humidifier/Fan

Very practical and easy to use.  Complies with all of the specifications. I would highly recommend this!

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In hot and humid environments finding the correct balance between humidity and temperature can be a difficult task. When enduring sweltering temperatures, the typical fan often falls short of providing relief, leaving rooms feeling dry and uncomfortable. This dry atmosphere can cause dried-out sinuses, feelings of fatigue, restlessness, and create a yearning for relief from the discomfort of an inadequately humidified or temperature-controlled room. 

Introducing Hydrofan 2-in-1 fan/humidifier, the perfect all-season companion for optimal comfort in any living space or climate. This versatile device not only circulates refreshing air with the fan function but also adds essential moisture to combat dryness through the built-in humidifier. Elevate any indoor environment and enjoy the multitude of benefits like improved comfort, circulation, and overall well-being that can be derived from a harmonious blend of cool air and balanced humidity.



Why Hydrofan Is The Perfect Compliment To Any Hot or Dry Room

EASILY PORTABLE - At 26cm tall and 21cm wide the Hydrofan is compact, lightweight and easily portable. This fan can be easily maneuvered and placed in any room that requires rejuvenation. 

VERY QUIET - Thanks to the air-fluid mechanics and duct structure this fan is extremely quiet, operating on average around 22db. Hydrofan is so quiet and expertly designed that it is quieter than the footsteps of a kitten, providing great relief with no noise.



CUSTOMIZABLE SETTINGS - Hydrofan comes with fan speed settings, multiple mist settings, as well as 7 different light features. Adapt the intensity and output of this unit to any preference, simply turn up the airspeed or mist as desired.

TIMER - This fan is designed with an auto-shutoff feature, simply select the desired length of time for the fan to be in operation and it will shut off automatically. This setting makes the Hydrofan perfect for nighttime sleeping.


We understand the struggle many face in creating a comfortable indoor environment, particularly when contending with the dual challenges of dry air and inadequate ventilation. Imagine enduring hot summer days while simultaneously dealing with the discomfort of dry skin, dried-out sinuses, and itchy eyes. Studies show that maintaining optimal indoor humidity levels can significantly improve respiratory health and overall well-being - both physically and mentally.

Hydrofan is the perfect product for those seeking a transformative home environment. Experience the dual benefits of a powerful fan and an efficient humidifier in one sleek device, ensuring optimal comfort in any season. Bid farewell to dry, uncomfortable air and welcome a rejuvenating atmosphere with our 2-in-1 solution, refreshing the space and elevating the quality of life, instilling a newfound sense of well-being and satisfaction daily.


Product information:
Materials: Plastic, Metal


Package Includes:
1 X Hydrofan
1 X Charging Cable


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