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The VivaciousVolumizer™ - Two-In-One Hairbrush and Dryer

“This dryer brush is the best I have ever purchased! It takes some getting used to because it is unusually large when compared to the usual product. But, goodness, the effort is well worth the time! Not only does the brush dry quickly, but it also leaves your hair silky and beautifully soft. It is truly amazing! Absolutely worth both the price and the minor learning curve!!”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Erica T  
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The morning routine is an intimate and time-consuming process, often requiring multiple styling tools and appliances, the time necessary to get ready can oftentimes exceed expectations. Drying, brushing, detangling, volumizing, straightening or curling can be time-intensive tasks that are often combined inefficiently, leading to longer time spent preparing. Rushed morning preparations can lead to feelings of stress and tension.

Introducing the VivaciousVolumizer™, two-in-one hairbrush and dryer, the perfect tool for the busy and stylish professional. The VivaciousVolumizer™ combines brush and dryer functionality into one easy-to-use package, this tool is highly customizable with 3 temperature settings, which makes it great for many hairstyles. Cut preparation time in half while not sacrificing any style or silkiness, no additional tools or accessories are required!

Why The VivaciousVolumizer™ is the Perfect Tool for Busy and Stylish Professionals 

✅ MAKE HAIR SHINE: Offering 360° airflow, nylon pins, and dual-action bristles. The technology in this brush allows the user to easily detangle hair while drying, giving hair a shimmering shine. 

EVEN HEAT DISTRIBUTION: The ceramics in this brush have been expertly designed to provide even heat distribution, while the ion generator reduces frizz and makes hair appear shinier. Even heat distribution means never worrying about damaging hair.


ERGONOMIC DESIGN AND HANDLING: With its 360° swivel cord, ergonomic shape, and ALCI plug installed for safety and current stabilization. User experience and safety are prioritized in tandem in this sleek and functional design. 

CUSTOMIZABLE HEAT AND FAN SETTINGS: The VivaciousVolumizer™ offers 3 different heat settings and 2 different fan settings. The customizable nature of this tool allows it to work with many different hair types and styles.

We understand that one's morning routine is a systematic process borne out of constant repetition. Every task of one's morning routine can be detailed down to the minute, which means that the unexpected phone call you took this morning, has completely derailed your morning process. In a recent study, it was found that nearly half of all women take 30 minutes or longer in their morning preparations, making any tool that can save time in the morning a no-brainer.

The VivaciousVolumizer™ satisfies the needs of busy professionals by dramatically reducing morning preparation times while not compromising on style or functionality. With its ergonomic design, multiple heat and fan settings, and expertly designed ceramics for even-heat distribution. This is the absolute perfect tool for those looking to increase efficiency in their morning preparations while highlighting and showcasing beautiful, silky, and smooth hair.


Dimensions: 4 x 4.7 x 12.7 inches
Net Weight: 1.65 pounds
Material: Nylon and Ceramic


Package Includes: 1 x VivaciousVolumizer™ 
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