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The ZipperClipper™ - Two-In-One Bag Cutter/Heat Resealer

“I just got this today and love it. I started with something I didn't expect to work - a bag of frozen tater tots. I figured it wouldn't seal the bag that had been in the freezer for days, but it sealed easily. I then tried it on a bag of dog treats - yup, worked great. I now want to head to the store to buy things I normally don't buy because I either eat the whole bag or waste 3/4 of it.”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️- Angela F  
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Potato chips are awesome, although eating the entire bag in one sitting, is not as great. Without a tool that can properly maintain a bag's freshness, proper portion control becomes even more difficult. Options like zipper bags or storage containers are wasteful, redundant, and expensive, with these options, it can feel like proper portion control and maximum food freshness is costly and unattainable.  

Introducing the ZipperClipper™, the two-in-one bag cutter and heat resealer. With the ZipperClipper™, open bags cleanly, consume as much as desired and once finished, seal the contents of the bag using the battery-powered, quick heat-sealing function. Now, have the freedom to seal and reseal one bag continuously with zero waste, giving complete control over portion control and food freshness.



✅ HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: Made from premium ABS material, this tool allows users to re-seal the original bags, and keeps foods, meats and snacks fresher, isolating air and reducing waste. Fresher food and greater control over portions mean a healthier life.

✅ TWO-IN-ONE FUNCTIONALITY: TheZipperClipper combines sealing and cutting functionality in one package, clean cuts and seals allow multiple uses of the same bag. Multiple bag uses reduce waste on multiple fronts by eliminating redundant storage methods.




 ✅ PORTABLE AND CONVENIENT: TheZipperClipper is small and portable, with a magnetic strip and lanyard design, hang it or place it on the refrigerator for easy access.  With the lanyard and magnetic strip design never worry about losing the ZipperClipper™.

✅ EASY TO USE: Install the battery, turn on the power button, cut the desired bag, and hit the power button to heat and reseal the bag. The ZipperClipper™ is so easy to use, the user has complete freedom over when to open or seal a bag.



We understand that maintaining a healthy diet is oftentimes much easier said than done. You open a bag of chips, intending on eating half of the bag, leaving willpower alone as your only instrument of implementing proper portion control, this can feel onerous. In a recent study, it was found that willpower is only effective for 5 to 10 percent of the population in diet-related choices, which makes any tool that can reduce the need to use one's willpower and facilitate easier portion control a no-brainer.

TheZipperClipper™ is the perfect tool for facilitating easy portion control and maximizing food freshness all while minimizing waste. The ZipperClipper™ accomplishes this through its easy-to-use and access profile, minimizing the lag time between making the decision to be done with a snack and actually implementing that decision. Now, easy-to-implement portion control and maximized food freshness can be achieved simultaneously, all while reducing waste


Dimensions: 2.24 x 4.33 x 1.93 inches
Weight: 0.26 pounds
Material: Plastic + Metal

Package Includes: 1 x ZipperClipper™



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