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Face2Love™ - 360-Degree Rotatable Child Safety Seat

Safe for my child. She is 1 years old. We sadly had an accident, hit from behind on a RED light! But everyone was safe. No impact on my child. Thankfully. Amazing rotating feature. Comfy for the bum and head. Cup holders are Perfecto!
Don't wear jackets, just sweater and a blanket is advised for the child's safety! It's bulky, I love it. Thank you! 😇 A good purchase 👌

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  -  Surinder P. 
✅ Verified Buyer


In the fast-paced world of parenting, ensuring your child's safety while maintaining ease of use can be a constant concern. Traditional car seats often require intricate maneuvers and cumbersome processes to get children in and out of the seat which can be exhausting for both children and parents alike. Traditional car seats leave parents feeling frustrated and anxious about the most tedious aspect of travelling with children, getting them in and out of the vehicle. 

Introducing Face2Love 360-degree rotatable child car seat—a cutting-edge solution designed with child safety and parental convenience in mind. This innovative car seat offers the flexibility to rotate, allowing for effortless entry and exit, while providing a seamless transition between rear-facing and forward-facing modes. Elevate the parenting experience with the ease of securing children in any situation, making every journey a stress-free and enjoyable experience for parents and children alike.



Why Face2Love Is the Perfect Car Seat

QUICK IN AND OUTS - Face2Love is designed with 360-degree rotation to make getting children in and out of the seat a seamless and simple task. This innovation allows children to be placed in and out of the seat with just one hand

EASY TO INSTALL - The ingenious locking system of the Face2Love makes it very easy to install and remove from the car. Enjoy the peace of mind and security provided by the robust locking system within this car seat. 


MULTIPLE SEATING PLACEMENTS - Face2Love provides forward-facing and rear-facing functionality. Place children in the rear-facing position as recommended by child-safety experts for long rides while enjoying the freedom to turn restless or anxious children to the forward-facing position as required.

CUSTOMIZABLE FIT - This car seat is highly customizable to the proportions of each individual child - from the neck support to the seat belt. Children will enjoy the comfort and support of Face2Love, which has been designed to grow and adapt just as quickly as children themselves.


We understand the challenges parents face in ensuring their child's safety during car rides, especially when it comes to the hassle of securing them in a traditional car seat. Imagine trying to maneuver your child into their seat in a cramped parking lot or a tight space, struggling with awkward angles and limited visibility. Studies show that over 60% of parents find the process of securing a child in a car seat frustrating and time-consuming.

Face2Love is the perfect solution for modern parents seeking ultimate safety and convenience. Effortlessly pivot children in and out of the car seat with its innovative design, providing unmatched ease during every journey. Elevate family adventures, embracing a newfound sense of freedom and assurance, as this car seat not only simplifies the daily routine but also ensures little ones travel in comfort and security, making every drive an enjoyable experience for both parent and child alike.


Product information:
Rear-Facing Weight Capacity: 18KG
Forward-Facing Weight Capacity: 9-36KG
Item Weight: Approx 13KG
Item Material: Polyester, Plastic, and Metal


Package Includes:
1 X Face2Love Car Seat
1 X Tether
1 X Base Plate


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