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Chill Dog™ - Self Cooling Dog and Pet Mat


“Got these for my dog to help with the hot California summers. He loves them and they help him stay cool. His brother always tried to steal it, so had to get another because they have sharing issues. Definitely recommend.”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  -  Evie I 
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There is no limit to how long a dog can chase or play games with its favourite toy, this is hard work for dogs. Unfortunately, dogs tend to overheat quite easily and often seek out tile or hard flooring as a place to cool down, however, these surfaces do not dissipate body heat efficiently. Not being able to provide a comfortable and cooling lounge area for fluffy family members can cause feelings of guilt and iniquity.

Introducing the Chill Dog, self-cooling mat and sleeping pad, this mat provides a cooling lounge spot for dogs that is efficient and effective at reducing body temperature. The Chill Dog uses self-cooling, breathable fabric, formulated to be cool and heat-dissipating to reduce the body temperature of hot and overheating dogs. Following hours of playing and exercising, dogs will enjoy having a nice cooling rest/sleep area!

Why The Chill Dog™ is the Perfect Mat for Dogs Big and Small

MACHINE WASHABLE -  The Chill Dog features machine-washable mesh fabrics. This mat is very easy to clean and maintain, just pop it in the machine whenever necessary.

CHEMICAL FREE - Made of self-cooling fabric, everything required for cooling dogs is contained within the mat itself. The Chill Dog™ is toxin-free and safe to use for any pet or environment. 


SELF-COOLING - Made of breathable fabrics that are designed to dissipate body heat. The Chill Dog™ is comfortable and soft while also reducing the body temperature of over-heated dogs or pets.

FOR MULTIPLE USES - The Chill Dog is light and easy to transport and is also foldable. Place this mat on existing dog beds, sofas, and even car seats!

FOR LARGE DOGS - This mat comes in XL sizes to accommodate very large dogs. The Chill Dog™ is great for providing a comfortable and cool lounge spot to breeds that are particularly susceptible to over-heating like Huskies, German Shepherds, and Newfies! 


We understand that dogs are family and pet owners pride themselves on providing the best possible environment for their furry family members. After an intense fetch session or long walk, dogs are panting and in need of a cool-down area, particularly larger dog breeds. The truth is dogs' bodies are not adapted to deal with heat as well as humans, in 2022 alone over 500 dogs were brought to the vet with heat-related emergencies in America. 

The Chill Dog is the perfect solution for providing dogs, big and small, with a comfortable and cooling area to lounge and recover from a tough day's work. The Chill Dog features self-cooling fabric that works to cool and reduce body temperature in dogs and pets and is easy to clean and transport. Enjoy more cuddles and a happier dog and be certain of their comfort and playfulness with the Chill Dog!


Weight: Approx 1Ilbs
Size: S-40cmX30cm M-63cmX50cm L-150cmX100cm


Package Includes:
1 X Chill Dog Self-Cooling Mat


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